Back On The Road With Discovery’s Safe Journeys To School Programme

In the final quarter of 2023, Guud worked with the Discovery Safe Journeys To School (DSJTS) programme to provide scholar drivers with a full health assessment and a comprehensive eye test as part of our joint commitment to enable these scholar transporters the chance to assess their health as drivers.

Transforming Driver Health

We witnessed remarkable transformations in driver health, from improved vision to the adoption of proactive healthcare measures. The distribution of spectacles proved transformative, with drivers recognizing the paramount importance of eye health. This sparked inquiries and created awareness within the community.

Addressing Primary Healthcare Challenges

In the domain of primary healthcare, our program tackled challenges such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity. A pivotal moment occurred when a driver was deemed ineligible to apply for a PrDP, prompting a proactive referral that potentially averted a future heart attack or stroke. This incident emphasizes the programme’s commitment to a comprehensive approach to driver health and wellness.

Impact Beyond Roads and Spectacles

The impact of our initiative goes beyond individual health, reaching into the lives of families. A heartwarming encounter with a grateful driver highlighted the programme’s role in alleviating economic burdens. When faced with the dilemma of broken spectacles versus providing food for her family, the initiative became a beacon of hope. The genuine gratitude expressed reflects the program’s tangible and far-reaching effects on the communities it serves.

These impactful stories stand as testaments to the Discovery Safe Journeys To School Programme, (implemented by Afrika Tikkun) and their steadfast commitment to holistic driver well-being. Beyond issuing spectacles, distributing medical prescriptions as well as Optometry and National Medical Certificates (both required for the application and/or renewal of a driver’s PrDP), the Shayela Programme is sparking conversations and catalyzing positive change, fostering a culture of well-being that extends beyond the roads.

MAC’s on the Road: Catalyzing Positive Change

Our MAC’s (Mobile Assessment Centres) are on the road again, driven by the inspiring impact stories that fuel our team’s dedication to steering the vision of change in 2024 and building upon the successes witnessed in 2023.

In line with Afrika Tikkun’s commitment to the Discovery Safe Journeys to School, their efforts align seamlessly with the Western Cape’s Government operation to ensure compliance with transport regulations. As schools reopened in January 2024, various scholar transport enforcement operations took place in the province. Western Cape Provincial Traffic Officers, alongside the Provincial Regulatory Entity (PRE) and the City of Cape Town, diligently checked operating licenses, vehicles, and driver fitness. Read the full article here.