Getting to know us

We are passionate about mobility.

Guud is pioneering the way forward in the technology and mobility industry to offer an all-encompassing approach and solutions to any mobility need within Africa and beyond.

With 13 years’ experience operating mobile initiatives in the market, Guud has seen the need for running mobile projects efficiently and has developed an innovative Project Management technology tool that assists in the daily operations of scheduling, staffing, mobile tracking, data integration and reporting that will enable any mobile project to perform at its optimum level of efficiency and transparency.

In addition to the technology, Guud is a marketplace for mobile project owners to be connected to a network of service providers that will assist in getting a mobile project on the road, ensuring it stays operational and is running efficiently in order to provide the best and most rewarding service to customers and communities around the continent.

Guud’s approach is to combine mobility and technology to connect mobile projects, owners, operators and organisations around South Africa, Africa and beyond into a mobile ecosystem where service delivery is the focus, and mobility is the solution.

For more information on Guud’s services, check out our marketplace page.