Customized Manufacture, Refurbishment or Rental of Mobiles

Take your health care services directly to your patients with Guud’s partner network. From conceptualization to refurbishment to manufacture, gain access to expert professionals who can assist with your mobile health clinic needs. All mobile clinics are customisable to your project needs, catering to Occupational Health, Dentistry, PHC, HIV Test and Treat, Circumcision, Optometry, Mammography and any other medical related projects.

Workers applying branding on a mobile vehicle


Our network of affiliate partners manufacture mobile health clinics with comfort in mind. The mobile feels as if you could be working in a bricks-and-mortar facility. Equipped with hydraulic stabilizers to give a solid feel to the vehicle as well as increased ceiling height, air conditioning (for healthy, comfortable airflow) and staff amenities including a kitchen, storage facilities and a bathroom, makes working long hours on the vehicle for your staff, easy and comfortable. All our mobiles are ICT-enabled (Information and Communication Technology equipped).


When piloting or running a mobile health initiative, it might not always be best to buy a new mobile health clinic. Guud, through its partner network, will assist you in renting a mobile health clinic that is best suited to your project needs. Our partners offer both long-term and short-term leasing options. Chat to us, we would love to assist you to find the perfect mobile health clinic to suit your project needs.

NHBRC mobile administrative office parked by a beach
Solar panel on a mobile vehicle

Switch To Solar

With rising fuel costs directly affecting many mobile projects currently on the road, switching your mobile to solar is fast becoming popular with existing mobile projects in South Africa. Not only does the installation of solar panels on a mobile save costs on fuel consumption, but not having to operate a noisy generator on a mobile is also hugely beneficial to both staff and patients working and being attended to.


A cost-effective alternative to a new mobile is to refurbish your existing mobile health clinic. Whether it’s new equipment to be installed or an overall renovation solution, our network of partners can assist you in upgrading your mobile health clinic according to your operational requirements.

Man doing refurbishing next to mobile clinics in a factory

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