Guud Partners with the Truck Safety & Wellness Symposium to Enhance Driver Health and Wellness.

In a groundbreaking move aimed at prioritizing the health and well-being of truck drivers, Guud is proud to announce its sponsorship of the upcoming annual Truck Safety & Wellness Symposium, hosted by The Department of Transport in collaboration with the SaferStops Association. As a sponsor of this significant event, Guud is committed to revolutionizing the landscape of driver health and safety.

Central to our sponsorship is the provision of three cutting-edge Shayela Mobile Assessment Centers (MACs), strategically positioned to conduct 180 comprehensive health assessments. These assessments encompass a range of vital services tailored to optimize driver well-being.

The holistic approach taken by Guud includes full optometry tests, ensuring that drivers’ vision is finely tuned for the demands of the road. Additionally, a comprehensive personal health check will be administered, addressing key health markers to empower drivers with the knowledge needed to make informed lifestyle choices.

Furthermore, recognizing the administrative burdens often faced by drivers, Guud is committed to streamlining the process of PrDP (Professional Driving Permit) license application and renewal. Through our sponsorship, drivers will receive the necessary auditable PrDP documents upon leaving the MAC, simplifying and expediting their annual renewal process.

“We are thrilled to be at the forefront of promoting truck driver health and wellness,” says, Mari de Villiers, Head of Marketing and Communications at Guud. “Our sponsorship of the Truck Safety & Wellness Symposium underscores our unwavering dedication to supporting the backbone of our transportation industry. By providing comprehensive health assessments and easing administrative burdens, we aim to ensure that drivers can continue to perform at their peak while prioritizing their own well-being.”

Guud invites all attendees of the Truck Safety & Wellness Symposium to visit our Shayela Mobile Assessment Centers and experience firsthand the transformative impact of our health and wellness initiatives.

Together, let us drive towards a safer, healthier future for all drivers.